Staffing Events

There is always an issue with Gatherings and Events that a small number of volunteers, usually committee members or their extended family, put in hours of unpaid work without which these functions would never happen. With an ageing UK membership it is increasing difficult to provide manpower both in the planning and delivery phases of this events.

However a bit of lateral thinking has established at least two opportunities which Clans can take advantage of.

Firstly there is an opportunity for students on Events Management and Tourism Degree Courses, that require placements as part of their course, to provide help at all levels. Details and contact addresses are contained in the link above but other Universities and Colleges may also be able to assist and in that case we suggest that you approach the Tutors directly.

Secondly EventScotland run a volunteering page on their web site that links volunteers with organisations looking for helpers. Follow the Link of the left hand column and register your event.

Funding may also be available for development and delivery staff through such as the Ward Discretionary Fund or Leader. In Highland Council area there are further funding opportunities available. We suggest that in the first instance you contact your local Councillor who will be best placed to direct you to the appropriate departments. WDF fund applications can be downloaded from the THC web site.